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the planning process




Our primary objective for this comprehensive plan is to create a living document that will be used to guide Gadsden's development over roughly the next 20 years. The final draft of the plan will establish a vision for the future of the city based on the wants and needs articulated by local residents throughout multiple methods of public engagement. The comprehensive plan will then lay out a roadmap of various projects and policies to be implemented by the city in order to make the people's future vision a reality. In short, the mission is to formulate a cohesive and actionable vision for Gadsden's future that has the general consensus and support of local residents, along with a step by step action plan to assist local authorities with funding and policymaking priorities.



"Gadsden will be a thriving city that sustains new growth and economic opportunity throughout each of its neighborhoods. Stimulated by a vibrant downtown with a welcoming riverfront, we will leverage our abundance of natural features to establish a regional ecotourism economy with diverse recreational opportunities for all. Our cultural history will be protected and celebrated through historic preservation and community programming. We will also continue to invest in Gadsden's future by supporting a strong educational system and stewarding our natural environment for generations to come."



Sustainable development is the foundational principle of good planning. The following values are statements of intent that establish a framework for how such development can be achieved in Gadsden. Each of these values will inform the development of the plan's specific policy objectives, serving as accountability standards that assure the overall quality and integrity of the comprehensive plan.

     1. Livable Built Environment

               Ensure that all elements of the built environment work together to provide                      places for living, working, and recreation with a high quality of life.

     2. Preserve Natural Assets

               Ensure that the contributions of natural resources to human well-being are                    explicitly recognized and that maintaining their health is a primary objective.

     3. Resilient Economy

                Ensure that the community is prepared for a changing economy and                             proactively pursues a local economic strategy with a focus on quality of life.

     4. Interwoven Equity

                Ensure fairness and equity in providing for the housing, services, health,                       safety, and livelihood needs of all citizens and groups.

     5. Healthy Community

                Ensure that public health needs are addressed through access to healthy                     food and recreation, environmental justice, health care, and safe cities.

     6. Responsible Regionalism

                Ensure that all local proposals account for, connect with, and support the                      plans of adjacent jurisdictions in the Greater Gadsden region.

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